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161. Groups  
Downloads Groups Groups are welcome at the OZEANEUM Stralsund. In the following you’ll find all the information you need to plan an enjoyable trip to the museum. With its spacious lobby, five...

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Ihr Besuch/Gruppen/  
162. Accessibility  
Accessibility OZEANEUM has been designed as an open and spacious complex that provides easy accessibility for all visitors. In 2017, OZEANEUM was awarded “Accessibility certified”, a certificate...

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Service/Barrierefreiheit/  
164. 180628_OZEANEUM_Termine_Stranddetektive_2018.pdf  
Termine für die Stranddetektive-Tour 2018 Monat Juli August Wochentag...  
165. Report Sightings  
Report Sightings of Marine Mammals to GOM Sightings of marine mammals help us to analyse the habitat of porpoises, grey seals and harbour seals. Please report sightings here and please aso niotify...

Pfad: /Stiftung Deutsches M.../Wissenschaft/Infothek/Sichtung melden/  
166. Opening Hours  
Opening Hours June - September daily 09:30 am - 08:00 pm* October - May  daily 09:30 am - 06:00 pm* December 24th  closed December 31st 09:30 am - 03:00 pm* *Closing...

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Ihr Besuch/Öffnungszeiten/  
167. Audio guide  
Audio guide Discover OZEANEUM individually with an audio guide. Devices are available in German, Polish and English. The charge is 1.00 €; the deposit of a security is required. One highlight for our...

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Service/Audioguide/  
168. Events  

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Landing-Pages/Veranstaltungen/  
169. Museum Locations  
Museum locations German Oceanographic Museum – explore the oceans in a museum The sea has fascinated humans ever since. The German Oceanographic Museum Foundation has committed itself to making this...

Pfad: /Stiftung Deutsches M.../Stiftung/Museumsstandorte/  
170. 180709__Walfred-Rallye.pdf  
Walfred-Rallye Namen: Ostsee-Ausstellung 1. Sucht in der Ausstellung: Welche Säugetiere leben in der Ostsee? 2. Stellt euch unter die „Planktonwolke“. (Sie ist in der Mitte der...  
Search results 161 until 170 of 1176