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191. Staff  
Scientific Staff Director +49 3831 2650   ___ Harald Benke Director of the German Museum of Oceanography General Manager OZEANEUM 201 606 Head of Department Timo Moritz Head of...

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192. Hearing in penguins  
Article of the UBA: How well do penguins hear? Hearing in Penguins Hearing in Penguins Hearing ability of penguins Contact persons Michael Dähne +49 3831 2650 310 Ulrike Buschewski +49...

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193. Anne May  
Hearing in Penguins Penguins are adapted perfectly to a life at land and sea. This popular group of living beings are well known, but there are some lacks of knowledge. The "Hearing in...

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194. Ulrike Buschewski  
Since Jan 2018 Scientist in the environmental education in the project „Hearing in Penguins" 2018 Advanced Education „Environmental Education“ 2017 Research...

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195. Michael Dähne  
since 2015 Curator of Marine Mammals at the German Oceanographic Museum utschen Meeresmuseum Stralsund 2015 Researcher at University Aarhus, Denmark 2011 - 2015 ...

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196. Brundiers, Katharina  
since 2017 Scientist at the German Oceanographic Museum: Acoustic detections of harbour porpoises and comparison of acoustic data loggers (TopMarine) 2014 - 2017 Freelance...

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197. scientific publications  
2012 Dähne, M., Harder, K., and Benke, H. (2012) Ergebnisse des Totfundmonitorings von Schweinswalen (Phocoena phocoena) an der Küste Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns im Zeitraum 1990-2010. Natur und...

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198. Baltic Coast  
Fossils from Gotland Hunting for fossil treasures is the motto of many Gotland visitors. Gotland is the second biggest island in the Baltic Sea. 410 – 440-million-year-old Silurian layers originate...

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199. Coastal Dynamics  
Coastal Dynamics Discover the rich diversity, dynamics and need for protection of the unique nature and landscape of the Darß region. Especially during winter and spring, Baltic coast visitors can...

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200. Natural Region Darßer Ort  
Darß Biotope Alongside the national park, there is one of the world’s largest brackish water areas. It is home to diverse flora and fauna and the spawning ground of 48 fish species like the Baltic...

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Search results 191 until 200 of 1168