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21. Baltic Sea beaches  
Baltic Sea beaches Typical beach sceneries of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Baltic Sea coast are displayed in four showcases.

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22. Turtle Pool  
Turtle Pool MEERESMUSEUM’s biggest tank has a capacity of 350,000 litres. It is home to three different turtle species – two loggerhead sea turtles, two green sea turtles and a hawksbill sea turtle....

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23. 170807_faltblatt_meeresmuseum.pdf  
Anreisetipps Das Abenteuer wartet auf dich! Strel Hier geht‘s zur Spiele-App „Be the Whale“: asun Stralsund Altstadt Ostsee d • Das MEERESMUSEUM be?ndet sich in der Stralsunder Altstadt,...  
25. Tips for visitors  
Tips for visitors Find a useful list of tips and hints for your MEERESMUSEUM visit here. Elevators All exhibitions and aquaria are accessible by using elevators. The Deep Sea Hall and the...

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26. Contact  
Postal address: German Oceanographic Museum Katharinenberg 14 - 20 D-18439 Stralsund Germany Visitors' address: MEERESMUSEUM Stralsund Visitors' entrance: Corner Mönchstr./Bielkenhagen How to...

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27. Mediterranean Sea Aquarium  
Mediterranean Sea Aquarium The  Mediterranean Sea aquarium features an indicated shipwreck, a deep-lying rock which is surrounded by exceptional and hard-to-catch fishes and a rock that is...

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28. Drinks and snacks  
Drinks and snacks at MEERESMUSEUM MEERESMUSEUM’s TARTARUGA bistro offers a selected assortment of hot and cold drinks, sweets and snacks that can be obtained from several vending machines. Take...

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29. Getting here  
Arriving by car, motorcycle or coach Exit the A 20 to Stralsund. Follow Rügen access road B 96n until exit “Stralsund Altstadt”. Follow the signs to “Stralsund Altstadt” and the parking guide...

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30. House Rules of the German Museum of Oceanography and Fischeries  
House Rules of the Deutsche Meeresmuseum für Meereskunde und Fischerei [German Oceanographic Museum]. Aquarium 1. Purpose of the House Rules These House Rules shall serve to ensure that the museum...

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Search results 21 until 30 of 942