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161. 171208_ausschreibung_museumspaedagogik.pdf  
Die Abteilung Wissenschaft der OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH sucht ab 01.03.2018 eine(n) Museumspädagogen (m/w) im Rahmen einer vorerst bis 30.06.2019 befristeten Mutterschutz- und...  
162. Baltic Coast  
Fossils from Gotland Hunting for fossil treasures is the motto of many Gotland visitors. Gotland is the second biggest island in the Baltic Sea. 410 – 440-million-year-old Silurian layers originate...

Pfad: /NATUREUM/Ausstellungen/Ostseeküste/  
163. Coastal Dynamics  
Coastal Dynamics Discover the rich diversity, dynamics and need for protection of the unique nature and landscape of the Darß region. Especially during winter and spring, Baltic coast visitors can...

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164. Natural Region Darßer Ort  
Darß Biotope Alongside the national park, there is one of the world’s largest brackish water areas. It is home to diverse flora and fauna and the spawning ground of 48 fish species like the Baltic...

Pfad: /NATUREUM/Ausstellungen/Naturraum Darßer Ort/  
165. Baltic Sea Aquarium  
Baltic Sea Aquarium The Baltic Sea aquarium is the only marine aquarium in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park where you can admire more than 30 fish and invertebrate species. In the...

Pfad: /NATUREUM/Aquarien & Außenanla.../Ostsee-Aquarium/  
166. Beach and Dune Garden  
Beach and Dune Garden Depending on the season, various characteristic beach and dune plants one would never find in such diversity along the hiking trails grow and blossom in the small beach and dune...

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167. Wetland Biotope  
Wetland Biotope In the warmer season, you can watch many frogs and water insects, some toads and newts or even a grass snake by the small Pond.

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168. Tips for visitors  
Tips for Visitors Find useful tips for your visit of NATUREUM here: Dogs at NATUREUM Dogs are permitted at NATUREUM and the surrounding national park area. However, please keep your dog on a...

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169. Schriftenverzeichnis_Foerster_2017.pdf  
Schriftenverzeichnis Monographien 2016 Schiffswracks – Auf Spurensuche vor Rügen und Hiddensee. Hinstorff-Verlag. Rostock. 2009 Große Handelsschiffe des Spätmittelalters – Untersuchungen an zwei...  
170. Project Maldives  
Name Training workshop: Resettlement of corals at the Maldives Sponsors European Union of Aquarium Curators (EUAC) Duratioin 1.10.2015 – 31.12.2016 Cooperation partner Best Dives Maldives Ltd. ...

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Search results 161 until 170 of 999