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32. News  
News Click, click and away? A new international research project investigates long-term benefits and impacts by using acoustic warning devices for harbour porpoises In order to reduce bycatch of…

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33. Catering  
Catering Treat yourself to some fine food at PAUSCH-Bistro before, during or after your Museum tour. Sink into cosy lounge armchairs and enjoy a rich range of food and drinks while appreciating the…

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34. Accessibility  
Accessibility OZEANEUM has been designed as an open and spacious complex that provides easy accessibility for all visitors. In 2017, OZEANEUM was awarded “Accessibility certified”, a…

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35. Nourishment, migration and calf areas of harbour porpoises  
Name Stable isotopes on harbour porpoises Sponsors Research Foundation Baltic Sea Duration May 2015 to July 2016 Cooperation partners University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo), Institute…

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36. Marine mammals in changing environment  
Name Marine mammals in changing environment Sponsor VW Foundation, program “Research in Museums” Duration   Cooperation partners Prof. Prof. h. c. Dr. Ursula Siebert, Dr. Kristina…

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37. Phylogeny of the basal Clupeocephala  
Name Phylogeny of the basal Clupeocephala Sponsor VW foundation, program research at the museum („Forschung in Museen“) Duration November 2013 to October 2017 Cooperation partner Prof.…

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38. Current projects  
The by-catch of harbour porpoises and small dolphins remains one of the biggest challenges for nature conservation in the coming decades. A new device, the "PAL" (Porpoise Alert), is intended to…

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39. scientific publications  
Scientific publications * peer reviewed publications 2023 *Arlinghaus R, Rittweg T, Dhellemmes F, Koemle D, van Gemert R, Schubert H, Niessner D, Möller D, Droll J, Friedland R, Lewin W-C, Dorow M,…

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40. Children & families  
Children and families Children and families can experience the world of the ocean first hand. Among many other things, they learn that even fish fingers have a life cycle before being coated with…

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