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41. World Ocean exhibition  
World Ocean exhibition Dimmed light and the sound of the sea will let you plunge into the ocean. More than 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Over 96 percent of the world’s…

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42. Children’s Sea  
Children's Sea After a magnificent tour through the lively creature world of the Northsea aquarium, visitors will come upon the “Children’s Sea” exhibit on the roof of the building. This…

Pfad: /OZEANEUM/Ausstellungen/Meer für Kinder/  
43. Baltic Sea exhibition  
Baltic Sea exhibition The Baltic Sea – the ocean right on our doorstep – plays an important role at OZEANEUM. An imaginary route through the Baltic Sea and along its coast portrays different types of…

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44. Staff  
Scientific Staff Burkard Baschek Scientific Director +49 3831 2650-200       Timo Moritz Head of Department +49 3831 2650-370 …

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45. TAINTEDoceanLOVE  
TAINTEDoceanLOVE Since the end of April 2022, large-format photos from the art project TAINTEDoceanLOVE are on display in the foyer of the OZEANEUM Stralsund. The journalist Ann-Katrin Schröder…

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46. scientific publications  
Scientific publications * peer reviewed publications 2020 *Beaulieu M, Touzalin F, Dool S, Teeling EC, Puechmaille SP (2020) Timescale and colony dependent relationships between temperature…

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47. 220719_Walfred-Rallye.pdf  
Walfred-Rallye Namen: Ostsee-Ausstellung Hallo, ich bin Walfred. 1. Sucht in der Ausstellung: Welche Säugetiere leben in der Ostsee? 2. Stellt euch unter die „Planktonwolke“. (in der Mitte der…  
48. Feedings  
Feedings* If you want to know what is on the menu of the sea dwellers in the OZEANEUM, it is best to plan our feeding times into your visit:   Monday Tuesday Wednesday…

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49. Fischbach, Vivian  
since 2021 PhD Student (scholarship of the University of Rostock) 2019 - 2021 Master of Science „Integrative Zoolgie” at the University of Rostock Topic of the…

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