Drinks and snacks at MEERESMUSEUM


MEERESMUSEUM’s TARTARUGA bistro offers a selected assortment of hot and cold drinks, sweets and snacks that can be obtained from several vending machines. Take a seat and enjoy the nice view of our big turtle pool.

Please also use catering facilities in Stralsund.

Turtle hospital in the bistro area

Once a year, MEERESMUSEUM’s turtles undergo their big health check conducted by a vet. Children from 2-6 years may now play turtle researchers or animal carers themselves. Becoming a vet might be every child’s dream that can now be real with our turtle hospital right next to the 350,000 litre turtle pool in the bistro area.

Plush toys can be fed, examined and taken care of with toy-size syringes, stethoscopes, scales and measuring tapes. The children may apply bandages, check their patient’s weight and size or watch the vet on the screen next to the play station.

The turtle hospital is accessible during MEERESMUSEUM’s opening times. Parents or grandparents may take in the sights of the turtle pool and take a break at the bistro after their museum tour whilst their youngsters explore the play station.