Single ticket


Combined ticket



Adults10,00 €23,00 €
Reduced8,00 €17,00 €
Children 4 - 16 years5,00 €12,00 €
Children with family 4 - 16 years4,00 €11,00 €
Children 0 - 3 yearsfreefree
Photo permission1,00 €included
Audio guide1,00 €


Pricing as of January 1, 2016; subject to alterations


Tickets and vouchers are available at the ticket counter until 30 minutes prior to closing. Please schedule ca. 2 hours for your visit at MEERESMUSEUM which is the average visiting time of our guests.
Tip: Tired of lining up and waiting? Order your tickets for your individual underwater journey online (valid 12 months from date of purchase). Just save your online ticket on your smart phone or tablet and scan at the entrance. Printing the ticket is not necessary.