Tips for visitors

Find a useful list of tips and hints for your MEERESMUSEUM visit here.


All exhibitions and aquaria are accessible by using elevators. The Deep Sea Hall and the special exhibitions area, however, are only accessible via stairs.

Baby-care room and pram storage

A baby-care room is available – please contact our visitor service. Pram storage space is provided at the Foyer.

Accessible WC

An accessible WC and further restrooms are located in the entrance area and just near the turtle pool.


Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the OZEANEUM - with the exception of guide and assistance dogs.

Photo permission

Filming and taking pictures at MEERESMUEUM is allowed for private use only. Please obtain a photo permission at the ticket counter – thank you (combined tickets/combined vouchers include photo permission). For commercial use of any footage, audio or photo material please contact MEERESMUSEUM for consent.

No Flash!

Flashlight causes deadly stress to our animals, so please remember: No flash! Our fishes get scared and bump into their tank’s windows. We strive for keeping our animals appropriately and enforce the “No flash rule” for their benefit. Our staff are authorized to expel any person disregarding the rule from the museum. By the way: Using flash in the aquaria causes reflection which makes photos useless.


There is one wheelchair available for rent at MEERESMUSEUM.

Wardrobe, lockers and baggage

There are lockers behind the ticket counter area and an unattended wardrobe at the foyer to keep your belongings during your stay.

No Smoking!

Smoking is prohibited inside the museum and in the whole museum area. Please use the designated smoking areas between the bistro and the museum (near exit) and in the north courtyard (near entrance).

Museum shop

The museum shop offers a wide and valuable range of literature, souvenirs and gifts – at the end of the museum tour, with a view toward the turtle pool.

Duration of your visit

When visiting MEERESMUSEUM you should schedule about 2 hours which is the average visiting time of our guests. Leaving the museum and re-entering the same day is possible. Please contact the info point at the Foyer.

Turtle hospital

Children as animal doctors and animal carers